#VLR1718 Places to Visit

As I interact on social media, email, and the web in general, I collect things that catch my attention using Google Keep. What follows is a collection of those interesting things which you are welcome to browse, read, share, study, or ignore.

15 Podcasts That Inspire Creativity Sometimes you only have time to listen to interesting articles. These links give you access to what IDEO sees as inspirational.

#IMMOOC3 George Couros is leading this MOOC on #innovatorsmindset and this site leads to all things #IMMOOC3. You can sign up, review archived content, find blog post prompts, etc. Well worth a visit!

Americans Have Given Up on Public Schools: That’s a Mistake This is a general opinion piece from The Atlantic that is worth a read.

Creating a Learning Orientation Versus a Performance Orientation Katie Martin’s blog post makes some great points in a short space. Easy read.

How to Create a True Culture of Innovation in Your School A.J. Juliani puts this brilliantly in perspective: “poking holes in pockets of innovation.”

Student View of The 4 Driving Questions of PLC’s This Tweet caught my attention because of the student perspective of the common PLC questions.

Study Tracks 5,000 of our Brightest Kids for 45 Years Despite everything, teachers are still one of the most important influences on growth – life-changers!

8 Must Read Books for Modern Educational Change Leaders Modern Learners is a must follow on Twitter. They challenge the status quo constantly.

Rethinking Data: How to Create a Holistic View of Students This ties to our concept of student profiles as the starting point for our journey to personalized learning plans (PLPs).

I’m 17: Kate Simonds A must watch recommended by George Couros

The Six Traits of Life-Changing Teachers A stab at defining the undefinable. See this graphic too: Life-Changing Teachers

Student Portfolios: The Narrative of Learning Voice, Co-Creation, Social Construction, Self Discovery.

11 Books to Further an #Innovatorsmindset Additional resources in case you get bored!

How to Inspire a Group of People to Do the Impossible We covered this at #VLR1718

3 Ways Schools Condition Students 1)Grades 2)Awards 3)Compliance vs Challenge

The Innovation Strategy Used by Google and Facebook How Might We?

Three Things The Best Business Ideas Have in Common 1)Potential to scale 2)Iteration 3)Grit

Be More Dog Love this thought!

8 Ways to Fail Your Way to Success What can this mindset do for you?

To Change Everything While Changing Nothing: Going Gradeless The challenge to change everything

How College For All Goes Wrong Ted Dintersmith (Most Likely to Succeed) video

Is Personalized Learning the Future: This High School Thinks So XQ The SuperSchool Project

Are Kids Missing Out By Not Skipping a Grade Something to think about which supports what we are doing in math. What about other subjects?

How to Prepare for an Automated Future “People will create the jobs of the future, not simply train for them, and technology is already central.”

The Science of the Individual: Why Average Doesn’t Make Sense in School Actually, no one is average.

Predictions for the Future Another way of viewing what we are preparing our students for

Balancing Autonomy and Accountability Thoughts from someone else on the topic

Our Ten Most Popular Personalized Learning Blogs of 2016 Education Elements

ISTE Standards for Students

5 Must Watch TED Talks on Education Essential reminders

The 13 Most Innovative Schools in the World

Four Reasons to Worry About Personalized Learning Alfie Kohn at his best

Why Everyone Must Get Ready for The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Retrieval Practice: The most powerful learning strategy you’re not using This is applicable even in project base learning classrooms.

Education Leaders to Learn From This district is doing exactly what we are talking about!

Ten 2 minute videos to get you started on #PBL Don’t wait for the perfect time. Implement, and then iterate. Let students take the lead.

How Senior Capstone Projects Let Students Research—and Present—Their Passions | EdSurge News Similar to what we are doing at DSHS.

To My Son’s Future Teacher | Make & Do This is a powerful letter to which we should pay close attention.

Welcome to the Book Club – The Holdsworth Center Some great books in this reading list.

Demonstration Finally, chaos within boundaries example.

You are paying more property taxes but schools are still getting less | Commentary | Dallas News Commentary on Texas Public School Finance

The Benefit of an Education Every student deserves the benefit of an education. That should be the purpose of an education, and it should be our job as educators to make and deliver on a promise to provide it.

Exponential growth Who cares about the virtue of the endeavor, as long as your product is maximally addictive.

Data mining has also successfully been rebranded to the more palatable Machine Learning. Who wants to stop anyone, human or machine, from learning? What are you, the digital taliban?

How can we turn more of the Twitters and Facebooks and Googles into generics?

Maybe the old cabbie boss was an asshole, but at least that asshole had a face. Someone you could yell at. Have you tried yelling at an algorithm or a customer-rating average?

More engagement. More rage, more fake news, all resulting in more hours spent, more eyeballs fixated, more clicks and taps made.

Everything worth doing is in an app.
So it remains mostly our fault. Our choice, our dollars. Every purchase a vote for an ever more dysfunctional future. We will spend our way into the abyss.

THE IMPACT OF A-F LETTER GRADES Moak Casey Commentary on the new accountability measures

Worker shortage spurs uncharacteristic partnerships connecting colleges, business – The Hechinger Report When are we going to start training folks for advanced manufacturing jobs?

The @DavidGeurin Blog: If You Want To Be A Difference Maker, You Have To Be A Risk Taker Just as it says…

Without the Right Curriculum, Personalized Learning Is Just Another Fad | EdSurge News This is why we are treading carefully and purposefully as we progress.

15 Surprising Things Productive People Do Differently | Forbes Annoying adverts, but strong, simple messages.

Rethinking Giftedness Film – YouCubed The power of labels


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